Other Highlights

A new Gedanken-Experiment in quantum gravity [Annalen der Physik]

Exploiting Casimir/Van-der-Waals Forces to create x-rays and gamma-rays [Nature Physics]

Using graphene plasmons to engineer compact sources of x-ray [Nature Photonics]

Enabling forbidden selection rules in atomic transitions [Science]

A complete analytic quantum theory describing the emergence of shock waves of light, i.e., Cherenkov radiation [PRX]; enabling efficient conversion of electrical energy to light in graphene [Nature Communications]

Novel dynamics of light in photonic crystals [Optics Express, Nature]

Fun hard-code theory on mind-boggling physics: quantum particles that accelerate with no external force and even exhibit time dilation and length contraction [Nature Physics]; featured on the journal cover (also see commentary and article about it).

Discovering beams of light that bend themselves in free space along steep curves: new analytic solutions of Maxwell equations [PRL]

Solitonets: stochastic recurrent dynamics in complex networks [PRL]

Looking forward

We have introduced new theoretical concepts that we would apply to attack some of the most famous open problems in physics. One such example is the problem of radiation reaction; a topic Feynman wrestled with during his PhD work (see e.g., Feynman’s Nobel acceptance speech).