Open Positions


Graduate and postdoc opportunities in a newly established research group

Our group is always open for excellent and enthusiastic students who are interested in solving challenging problems in physics, math, electrical engineering, or material science.

The research involves both theory and experiments, but is flexible enough to be focused on either full-time experimental work, or purely advanced theory.

Do you have?

– Excellent analytical abilities and a love of mathematics

– … and/or a hands-on approach to experiments, and eager to build challenging new experimental setups that does not exist anywhere else in Israel

Then come work with us or help circulate it to anyone interested.




About the Technion

The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology was founded in 1912, and has been pioneering Israel’s science and engineering ever since. The Technion’s unique culture has brought it to be ranked among the leading technological universities in the world. Technion alumni are also the main resource of Israel’s start-up economy, making Israel the 2nd most innovative country in the world. Our researchers have won many prestigious international awards over the years, including three Nobel prizes in this century placing it number 10 in the world.


Technion Graduate School


The Technion is located in the city of Haifa. Having the green forests of Mount Carmel next to the sandy beaches make Haifa one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Haifa is the quintessential example of a multicultural city where Jews, Christians, and Muslims live alongside each other in peace. The small size of Israel makes Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and other interesting sites just a short trip away.






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