Online recorded talks by group members

May 2021 LMI seminar, TAU Ido Kaminer  Ultrastrong coupling of electrons and polaritons in 2D settings
Mar 2021  New Technologies in Mathematics Seminar,Harvard  Ido Kaminer The Ramanujan Machine
Feb 2021 PhD Seminar, Technion Ori Reinhardt Ultrafast Electron-Photon Quantum Interactions
Jan 2021 Advanced Propulsion and Energy III Ido Kaminer Controlling physics phenomena by shaping quantum wavefunctions
Dec 2020 RBNI Seminar, Technion Ido Kaminer Extreme Light-Matter Interactions in the Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscope
Nov 2020 Physics Colloquium, Technion Ido Kaminer Does an electron wavefunction collapse when it radiates?
Aug 2020 Diller Quantum Seminar, Technion Ido Kaminer Free-Electron Quantum Optics 
Aug 2020 Q-FARM Seminar, Stanford Ido Kaminer Free-Electron Quantum Optics
Aug 2020 Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Nanomaterials Workshop, Weizmann Ido Kaminer Ultrafast coherent free electrons as probes of nanostructures
Aug 2020 SPIE Active Photonic Platforms XII, San Diego Alexey Gorlach Implications of quantum optics in high harmonic generation
Jun 2020 Video produced by the Technion, UTEM Lab Tour Ido Kaminer Prof. Ido Kaminer Technion Lab Tour
Jun 2020 Video produced by the Technion, New Quantum Microscope Recording the Flow of Light Ido Kaminer New Quantum Microscope Recording the Flow of Light from Technion
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Liang Jie Wong Quantum Electron Wave-Shaping for Coherent Enhancement of Radiation (FF1Q.6)  (01:30:25)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Liang Jie Wong Nondiffracting Waves that Auto-Disrupt: Designing Novel Wavepackets Using Electromagnetic Singularities (FTh4C.6)  (1:15:35)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Nicholas Rivera Toward Nanophotonic Free-Electron Lasers (FM2Q.3)  (00:35:12)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Shai Tsesses Spatial modulation of free-electron wavepackets by shaping ultrafast plasmonic excitations (FTu3B.4)  (01:46:37)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Morgan Lynch Experimental Evidence for the Unruh Effect (FM2C.5)  (01:15:49)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Aviv Karnieli Unveiling Emitter Wavefunction Size via the Quantum Coherence of its Radiation (FTu3D.5)  (01:00:21)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Ori Reinhardt Quantum Walk with Coherent Uncertainty in Electron-Laser Interaction(FTu3D.6)  (01:15:42)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Kangpeng Wang Free Electron Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics in an Ultrafast Electron Microscope (FTu3B.3)  (01:31:38)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Alexey Gorlach On the Quantum-Optical Nature of High Harmonic Generation (FW3D.4)  (00:32:34)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Yuval Adiv Observation of the Quantum Nature of Laser-Driven Particle Acceleration (SW4G.4)  (01:08:02)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Chen Mechel Design and fundamental limits of nearfield magnetic-force scanning microscopy via the no-cloning theorem (AF3K.6)  (01:25:18)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Yaniv Kurman Photonic-crystal Scintillators for Enhancing X-ray and Gamma-ray Detection (SF3J.5)  (01:17:28)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Michael Shentcis Tunable Free-electron X-ray Radiation From van der Waals Materials (FF1Q.7)  (01:44:43)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Yaniv Kurman Tunable Bandgap Renormalization by Nonlocal Ultra-Strong Coupling in Nanophotonics (FTh4N.7)  (01:43:38)
May 2020 CLEO, San Jose Ido Kaminer Observation of the Stimulated Quantum Cherenkov Effect (FF1Q.1)  (00:01:28)

Online resources

Introduction to MATLAB Programming

  • Lecture 1 – Introduction and Variables (scalars, vectors, and matrices).
  • Lecture 2 – Plots, Strings, Data structures, Logical operators, Flow control and File handling.
  • Lecture 3 – Plots, Runtime analysis.
  • Lecture 4 – Symbolic Calculation, Fitting, Function handles, Algebraic and differential equations solving & GUI.

Introduction to Julia Programming

  • Julia is a new programming language for scientific computing developed by a group mostly from MIT. It aims to create an unprecedented combination of ease-of-use, power, and efficiency in a single language. It is provided under the MIT license, free for everyone to use. All source code is publicly viewable on GitHub. 



Quantum Optics Toolbox in Julia

QuantumOptics.jl is a numerical framework written in the Julia programming language that makes it easy to simulate various kinds of open quantum systems. It is inspired by the Quantum Optics Toolbox for MATLAB and the Python framework QuTiP.

QED Calculations in Mathematica

FeynCalc is a Mathematica package for symbolic evaluation of Feynman diagrams and algebraic calculations in quantum field theory and elementary particle physics.